Coffee tour Tanzania: learn all about the precious black beans and taste delicious organic coffee

Facts Tanzania coffee tour:

  • Guided tour through small organic coffee plantations
  • Lots of information about the tasty beans and the local population

Getting here from Arusha: 

  • 24km, which corresponds to about 45 minutes drive

Highlights Coffee tour Tanzania: 

  • No. 1 for sure: Try different coffees after the tour
  • Learn how coffee is grown during the tour
  • Get information about other plants, the local population and their customs

The half-day Tanzania coffee tour starts just under three quarters of an hour’s drive from Arusha on the grounds of a church. If you are interested, you can visit the church and your guide will explain the local customs. On the rest of the tour, you will also learn about the rules of coexistence of the local population. The guide will also tell you about the different trees and plants and how they are used. For example, what is the difference between “lady paper” and “man paper”? Pay close attention and you’ll know at the end of the tour. After about 20 minutes on foot, you will reach the first coffee plantations. There are various small farmers who grow coffee in this area as part of a cooperative. Depending on the time of your visit, you can observe the coffee in bloom or marvel at the small green and later larger red beans.

On the rest of the route, you will pass the farm of one of the small farmers, where the first processing steps after the coffee harvest will be explained to you. Washing, drying, sorting and everything else involved. You walk along narrow paths through many more coffee plants and at the end of the tour you reach the farm where the coffee beans are roasted and packaged. Here the guide will first explain to you about the different degrees of roasting before you can finally taste the different coffees. Like the Chemka hot springs tour, this tour is a great way to get started after arriving in Tanzania. Of course, coffee drinkers in particular will get their money’s worth, but nature lovers and even children will also enjoy this varied Tanzania coffee tour.