Chemka hot springs: refreshment on a hot day and fun for the whole family

Facts chemka hot springs:

  • Chemka hot springs – A small oasis in a dry area
  • Has several underground inlets and a noticeable current

Getting here from Arusha city: 

  • 72km, which takes about two hours


  • Swing on the liana into the refreshing water
  • Discover a monkey or a turtle
  • Let yourself drift in a tube

The Chemka hot springs are located near the village of Boma Ng’ombe, from where you leave the tarmac road after a good hour’s drive from Arusha city. After driving through a rather dry area for another 30 minutes, you suddenly reach the oasis. In the middle of what feels like nowhere, trees and palm trees suddenly appear. Contrary to what the name suggests, the springs have a pleasant, refreshing temperature for swimming. There are several underground inlets and you will notice the current as you swim. With or without a rented tire, you can swim from one pool to another as if through a small canal. In the second basin, the current then subsides and you can let yourself drift. A liana is available for all adventurers, and children in particular always have great fun here. If you like going to the spa, you can get a free foot massage from little cleaner fish at the entrance ladders. All in all, the excursion is a great way to slow down after the long journey to Tanzania and is particularly recommended for families with children and water lovers. On the way to the springs or on the way back, the shorter distance to Kilimanjaro (it is about 45 kilometers to the summit as the crow flies) also gives you the opportunity to marvel at the roof of Africa on a clear day.