If you have the time, we always recommend to rather spend an extra day or two on safari.

This will allow you to take a breath in between and will make things even more memorable in the long term. We have prepared a few options and itineraries to give you an idea, but of course it’s always your choice and it depends on your individual time, interests and budget. We will be more than happy to plan your very personalized safari for you.

Camping, middle class lodges or luxury safari?

Are you interested in sleeping with the sound of the wilderness in the background? You enjoy having something to do here and there after finishing your safari for the day? Then camping safari is it for you! You will be as close as you can get to the wilderness while camping is the most environmental and cost-effective way to enjoy your safari.

Care for a swim in the pool after a long day on the road or a nice dinner served with a view of the landscape? There are a lot of very nice middle-class accommodations waiting for you, all of them with their own charm and style.


Having a sundowner in a bathtub while watching the wild animals drinking at a water whole? Service that will read your every wish from you eye? Then the luxury lodges will be it for you.

The best comes at last: There are no limitations on the before said. We can tailor a safari completely based on your preferences. As we are not limited to one certain provider, we can always combine anything you desire. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will plan the most suitable trip for you!

Tanzania Safari No. 1 – In the middle of it all (price available upon request)

  • 9 days safari including camping with fresh local food that can be followed by beach vacation or preceded by mountain climbing
  • Day 1: Arusha National Park – visit Momella Lakes along with other sights and make a walking safari that might get you closer to the wild animals than anywhere else
  • Day 2: Visit Tarangire National Park and get the chance to see the big elephant herds wander around
  • Day 3: Proceed to Lake Manyara with a completely different landscape being dominated by the lake and birds. On your way out of the park, visit a village where more than 120 Tanzanian tribes live; learn more about them and local farming
  • Day 4: Be on the move at Lake Natron, get the chance to see the flamingoes and the active volcano Ol Donyo L’Engai. Refresh yourself with a swim at the bottom of the waterfalls Engaresero
  • Day 5-7: Serengeti – endless width! Dive in to Grzimek’s world and the endless biodiversity that will leave a lasting impression on you. This is where hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras are on the move for finding water and food
  • Day 8: Take a hike in Ngorongoro Conservation Area at the Crater rim and enjoy the spectacular views while you pass local villages
  • Day 9: Drive down into the Ngorongoro Crater with the highest density of predators all over Africa and some of the few black rhinos still to remain in Tanzania
  • Proceed to the coastal attractions by car or plane or catch a flight back home and recapture your great experiences

Tanzania Safari No. 2 – The classic (price available upon request)

  • 7 days safari including thoughtful and enjoyable accommodations with the option to be followed by beach time in Zanzibar or a different location on the coast
  • Day 1: Start in Tarangire National Park, get used to the warm and pleasant weather while watching out for Zebras, Buffalos and of course elephants
  • Day 2: Proceed to Lake Manyara, where thousands of flamingos and other birds, but also the famous tree climbing lions, can be found. End your day by taking a refreshing dip in the pool or enjoying a sundowner.
Eine trächtige Elefantenkuh im Tarangire Nationalpark läuft mit Gras im Rüssel genau auf die Kamera zu.
  • Day 3-5: Explore the Serengeti, which is home to the great migration with more than 1.5 million wildebeest and 250.000 zebras. Spend the night close to nature in a tented camp
  • Day 6: Finish your memorable safari trip in Northern Tanzania by going down into the Ngorongoro Crater and take in the great variety of wildlife once again.

Tanzania Safari No. 3 – The comfortable way to see it all (price available upon request)

  • 10 days safari including flamboyant, special lodges, the least distance in driving with subsequent relaxing at the beach upon request
  • Day 1: Get acclimatized and visit the first great park without having to drive a long distance – Arusha National Park. Discover giraffes, waterbucks, buffalos and other animals either from the car or on foot.
  • Day 2: Proceed to Tarangire National Park and admire the ancient baobab trees while keeping an eye out for animals like elephants, zebras, ostriches and wildebeest. Enjoy the view from your lodge over the beautiful landscape
  • Day 3: Experience a different scenery at Lake Manyara with its many birds including flamingos, storks, pelicans and others. Enjoy your picnic lunch with an astonishing view on the lake before proceeding to watch out for more wildlife.
  • Day 4: Take a day to relax and visit a local or market, do a coffee tour or hike the rim of Ngorongoro Crater. There will also be enough time to swim in the pool, relax in the sun and getting prepared for the next day adventure.
  • Day 5: There is a reason Ngorongoro Conservation Area is UNESCO World Heritage. You will see for yourself driving into the Crater what great diversity it has to offer. It will be a day of so many discoveries for sure.
  • Day 6-10: Wrap up your trip with endless savannah, lions and other predators along with the great migration of zebras, wildebeest and other antelopes. Depending on the season visit difference parts of Serengeti. Start in Southern and Middle Serengeti, then proceed to Northern Serengeti. Watch out for animals that might come by your tented camp or lodge.
  •  Instead of taking the long way out of the park by car, jump into a plane at one of Serengeti’s airports and proceed to enjoy some sunny days at the beach of Tanzania or start your journey back home