Why you should choose to plan your vacation to Tanzania with us:

  • We care about the conservation of nature and the habitats of the animals
  • We are dedicated to making your trip unforgettable
  • The people working for us receive fair wages to secure their livelihood. If you are happy with their work, they will appreciate to receive a tip from you.
  • We favor working with local people in order to support economic growth where we operate
  • We want to get to know your ideas and preferences first, so we can plan the most suitable trip for you
  • In our 4×4 safari cars with pop-up roof (Toyota Landcruiser) everyone gets a great all-round view of the animals
  • Our jeeps are serviced after each safari to keep you safe at all times and minimize the risk of a breakdown in the bush
  • We can give you many insider tips about the language, the people and the culture of Tanzania
  • Staying overnight in our guesthouse is a great way to start a relaxed safari and ask all the questions you can think of
  • We offer professional English speaking tours (other languages on request)

We are your contact persons for all your questions about your vacation to Tanzania

Your guide on site


Graduated from wildlife college Arusha in 2001 as Advance Tour Guide

3 years experience in mountain climbing at Kilimanjaro and 18 years experience as safari driver and guide including car repair

Is it a stone or an elephant? Godlove will be able to spot it, where you might need binoculars. His knowledge about the country and its’ people, attention for our clients, extremely safe driving and a funny story at the right time make Godlove one of the best guides you can wish for

“I am thrilled to show you the breathtaking beauty of my country. We are going to visit great places, experience adventures and sometimes unexpected surprises. So get prepared for anything and the trip will for sure leave a lasting impression.”

Your contact upfront


Has always been interested in visiting Africa and was amazed by the infinite width of the parks, the great varieties of animals, the responsible treatment and the warm people when coming to Tanzania for the first time

Coming to Tanzania regularly with the kids Emilia and Noah to visit different places and find the best lodges for our clients

Will give you valuable information you need upfront about the right safari route, suitable season and lodges for you, clothing, medications to bring, food and anything else you might want to know

“I am excited to help you plan your unforgettable trip to Tanzania. Pictures can give you an impression, but they can’t replace the real experience. Africa will enchant you, too.”