What to prepare

  • For entry in Tanzania you need a passport that is still valid for at least six months upon departure. Further visitors are required to obtain a visa to enter Tanzania which can be obtained upfront from the Tanzanian embassy or upon entry at the airport for 50 Euro or US Dollar (information April 2018). Please check the Tanzanian embassy’s website in your country prior to travelling for the most current information
  • It is recommended you have a travel health as well as travel cancellation insurance. You might also consider to buy a limited membership with Flying Doctors for emergency evacuation
  • When travelling to Tanzania directly from Europe with less than 12 hours transit, a yellow fever vaccination is not obligatory. If you have travelled to endemic areas in the last 6 months however, the vaccination will be required. A standard travel pharmacy kit is recommended. We further advise you to see your family or a tropical doctor for advice regarding malaria prophylaxis and other vaccinations prior to your trip. Further information can be found on homepage of CRM or Auswärtiges Amt as well.
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What to bring

  • Pack long, light and wide clothes. During the day you can wear shorts and t-shirt if you like, but you should have a jacket or pullover for the cooler evenings and early mornings
  • Bring a pair of hiking shoes if your trip includes walking tours and some lighter ones for the full day game drives
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and a hat / cap
  • Take along your camera (with extra batteries, if you have some), a torch and binoculars
  • Choose a travel bag rather than a suitcase, as it will be easier to stow. If you go to Zanzibar or the like, make sure to check the airline’s baggage allowance
  • Most lodges and places accept Euro, US Dollar and common credit cards. It is possible to change or withdraw Tanzanian Shillings for purchases at local markets, supermarkets or souvenir shops. It is not allowed to export the national currency out of the country.

What else to keep in mind

  • In Tanzania the standard voltage is 230 Volts and the frequency is 50 Hertz, standard power sockets are of type D and G, but most lodges offer multipurpose plugs. Due to the power shortage it is possible to experience power outages for which most lodges have a back-up generator on site. The usage of power might however be limited during the time of outage.
  • Most lodges offer Wi-Fi although it is sometimes only available at the reception and restaurant. For the ones who need access more frequently, it is possible to use roaming or purchase a local sim-card. However, the internet coverage inside the parks is not guaranteed everywhere.
  • There is no daylight savings time in Tanzania and there is only one time zone, which is GMT +3. Because of the proximity to the equator sunrise and sunset times are pretty stable around 6:30 AM and PM respectively.
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  • All accommodations we choose for you provide drinking water (for brushing teeth) and use great care for food preparation. We advise you not to drink water from the tap and use general care with water and meals.
  • Just like in any other place of the world, usage of your common sense (e.g. do not valuable things leave on the passenger seat with the window open) and listening to your experienced guide are the most important rules for your security while travelling throughout Tanzania.
  • If you are satisfied with the service of your waiter, room-maid, chef, guide(s) or another person who might be contributing to your enjoyable and memorable time, they will be happy about a tip as appreciation of their work
Vorbereitungen | COL Safari | Tansania Afrika
  • As you will become a part of wildlife and the animals are migrating throughout the parks according to weather and food conditions constantly, there is no guarantee of seeing everything you might wish for in one trip. Of course we are always giving our best to meet all your expectations, but keep in mind unlike in a zoo you are entering the natural habitats of the animals. On the other hand, this leaves the option to discover things, you didn’t expect or have in mind. So stay open, explore the beauty of Tanzania in all its ways and you will go home fulfilled with great experiences.
  • Special circumstances like severe weather conditions or unplanned breakdowns, might force us to slightly change your trip spontaneously. Be assured these are rare exceptions, but in case it does happen stay patient and keep in mind it doesn’t have to be for a bad thing. As Godlove likes to say “Life is full of everything.”