Bagamoyo town: Small coastal village on the Indian Ocean, perfect for a quiet beach vacation

Bagamoyo town is located 70 kilometers north of Dar Es Salaam on the coast of the Indian Ocean and offers a quieter alternative to the islands of Zanzibar with very beautiful beaches. While today it is mainly a fishing village and a place to build dhows (local boats), Bagamoyo played an important role in Tanzania’s past. For example, you can visit the ruins of Kaole with a mosque and a cemetery from the 13th or 14th century. In the early 19th century, the town was an important trading point for ivory and slaves. The “Old Fort” dates back to 1856 and it is believed that slaves were kept here before being shipped to Zanzibar for sale on the slave markets. Bagamoyo later became the first capital of the colony of German East Africa and you can visit the German Boma (administration building), the colonial cemetery and one of the first schools in East Africa.